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Guild Message of the Day - April 19th
Welcome to The Wolfpack! Please sign-in and have a look around. Enjoy!

The Wolfpack News

By: Kittykatt - April 14th


We will be shutting down this website in a few days. 

Please register and set up your profile on our new website:


Refer all guild applicants to the new site - tell your guild mates to sign up and sign in.  It's a work in progress as I work to make it a more cohesive looking site.  There is a forum post up for your suggestions.

In addition - we will be shutting down our Ventrilo server on Sunday night and using Mumble.  Download your Mumble client now.  Look for a post on how to Mumble on our new site on Sunday. 

  • Kittykatt: Please comment on a thread on THESE forums if you'd like to see it saved/moved to the new site.
By: Kittykatt - April 5th

Mammoth Time had a little fun last night

Trampling corpses of bosses we do not like. 

  • Nehrak: Yay. :D
By: Kittykatt - April 2nd

Open Raid Spot


Green Panties

has an immediate open raid spot for:

ONE Healer: Disc or Holy Priest preferred

will consider a Resto Shaman or MW Monk

Raid Nights: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday  8:30PM-11:00PM EST

Battle.Net Recruit Spam is HERE

By: Kittykatt - April 1st

Happy Noblegarden!

  • Fearbombz: a prefect example of what my face looked like as i tried to open and collect 500 chocolates for the mount last night
  • Kittykatt: which is why this is so appropriate. =)
By: Kittykatt - March 17th

Reminder to all Raiders

Sunday, March 31 is Easter.

Please post in your team's thread if you know you will NOT be there for a raid night that week. If you ARE available and see in advance that another team could use a sub, and it doesn't impact your current lock-outs, please get in touch with the raid leads to let them know you are available. Thank you!

By: Kittykatt - March 1st

Are you ready for 5.2?

Here comes The Thunder King

  • Vespasian: Am not ready.
  • Mallys: I think the t15 armor sets look great
  • Nehrak: I can't wait to watch Ves die!
By: Kittykatt - December 22nd

Things your Guild Leader will do...

Hold up This Sign in a public place with no shame and smile sweetly at people who looked at her funny...



  • Mortisangel: And like a hog to slaughter I applied. :)
  • Gothitelle: ^
By: Kittykatt - December 12th

Change to Core Raid Group Rules

Attendance Policy Changes

Comment in the forums thread if you have questions - or speak to your raid leaders or the guild officers. 

The Wolfpack Showcase

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